Supporters’ Messages

“Debbie is an extremely motivated individual of sterling character with highly developed leadership skills. She is the type of person you want to keep in office. Her strong voting record proves that she cares deeply about our State and Nation. I strongly support her re-election.”

U.S. Congressman Trent Franks

” I have known Debbie Lesko for many years.  She works tirelessly for her constituents and for the people of Arizona and is highly respected by her colleagues for her honesty and integrity.  She is exactly the type of person we need in our State Legislature.  Please vote to re-elect Debbie Lesko.”

Governor Jan Brewer

“Debbie Lesko is a proven friend of Arizona’s small business job creators.  Small business owners know Debbie Lesko is our champion against a government that all too often over-regulates and over-taxes. She understands that small businesses are the generators of new jobs and economic recovery. That’s why it is so important that we re-elect Debbie Lesko.”

Farrell Quinlan

Arizona State Director, National Federation of Independent Businesses

“As the outgoing Senate President having represented what is now Legislative District 9 for the past two decades I am very sensitive to who continues to represent LD9. I have observed and worked with Representative Debbie Lesko these past two years and am impressed by her quick study of the legislative process and issues. Representative Lesko’s drive to learn the process and the issues puts her in position to acquire a leadership position within the House of Representatives which results in a direct benefit to LD9 and the State of Arizona. I urge your support of Representative Lesko in the upcoming elections.”

Corporation Commissioner & Former Senate President Bob Burns

“Debbie has done an outstanding job in the legislature, and Arizona is better for it. She is
honest, hardworking, and accessible to her constituents. I am honored and proud to support Debbie Lesko for re-election.”

Bob Stump, former Corporation Commissioner and Legislator

“Debbie Lesko has always been a strong advocate for the community and the citizens of Sun City. She has been tireless in her efforts to represent Sun City and has proven to be a wonderful representative for us in the State Legislature. I whole-heartedly recommend her reelection.”

Pete Granucci, Former President
Sun City Home Owners Association

“Representative Lesko does her homework on community, state and business issues and listens to her constituents.”

Don Rinehart, former President
Glendale Chamber of Commerce

“Debbie Lesko’s real world experience shows down at the Legislature. She has proven to be an asset for residents of District 9.”

Maricopa County Supervisor Max Wilson

“Every legislator claims to be a friend of small business, but when it comes time to vote on issues vital to Main Street, mom-and-pop enterprises, Representative Lesko has been a woman of her word time and time again. We are honored to have her as an ally and thank her for her stellar 100-percent, pro-small business record in the last session of the Legislature.”

Farrell Quinlan, Arizona Director, National Federation of Independent Business

“As a retired military veteran I look for a person that has high morals and leadership skills. Debbie Lesko has both of these qualities. That is why I am endorsing Debbie Lesko for the House of Representatives in my district.”

Al Morton, Sun City
IMC US Navy Ret.

“Thank you Debbie for sponsoring legislation that
helped the Kiwanis Club of Glendale and other organizations in their
fundraising abilities. We appreciate your time and effort.”

Yvonne Knaack, Board Member, Kiwanis Club of Glendale

“Debbie Lesko is a strong leader in the Arizona House of Representatives and will not bend to the pressure of incorrect or inconsistent beliefs. Debbie deserves your support to continue working at the State Capitol. To be honestly candid, if there were more people like Ms. Lesko in the state legislature, Arizona would be in much better shape today.”

Harry Shapiro,
Glendale Chamber of Commerce

“Debbie has a proven track record in her support of quality education. I enthusiastically endorse her.”

Christie Bumgardner, Retired Teacher

“Debbie Lesko represents what is right about America. Let’s return her to the Arizona Legislature. ”

Jean McGrath,  Maricopa County Community College Board Member and Former Board of Director of the Central Arizona Project; Sun City resident

“Debbie is a hard working and honest legislator who has gained the respect and trust of all that work with her. I fully support her re-election.”

Corporation Commissioner Andy Tobin and former Speaker of the House

“Debbie has been very receptive and supportive to the people of Sun City.
She has actively participated in legislative programs considered important to the residents of Sun City by the Sun City Taxpayers Association. The Sun City Taxpayers Association looks forward to working with Debbie for the next 2 years.”

Marv Worthen, Former Executive Director
Sun City Taxpayers Association (Now Sun City Community Action Network)

“Debbie is hardworking and honest.  She has done an outstanding job in the legislature.  She is very accessible to her constituents and listens, but above all, she acts.  As a Republican Precinct Committeeman in Legislative District 9, I am proud to support Debbie for re-election.”

Kevin Payne
State Representative, USN Veteran, Small Business Owner, and Peoria Resident

“Thank you for fighting for Arizona and our interests with our border, taxes and an out-of control federal government.”

Chuck Reasoner, Sun City Resident & Children Book Author & Illustrator

“Debbie Lesko is a smart dedicated woman who “walks her talk” in words
everyone can relate to and understand.”

Diane B. Worth, Sun City Resident

“Debbie Lesko is very dedicated to keeping a sound conservative heading for our state.”

Glenda Stanton, Peoria Resident

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