2014 Group Endorsements:

Arizona Police Association 

Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Arizona Association of Realtors

Arizona Nurses Association

Arizona Fraternal Order of Police

AZ Right to Life

Arizona State Contractors Coalition

Professional Firefighters of Arizona

Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

Arizona Petroleum Marketers Association (representing 850 gas stations in AZ)

Home Builders Assoc. of Central Arizona

NFIB-AZ (representing small business owners throughout AZ)

Arizona Multi-Housing Association

Arizona Society of Practicing Accountants

Arizona Chapter Associated General Contractors



Note from Debbie: “I am honored to be endorsed by the following people. I’ll add other endorsements as I officially ask for support.” Thank you, Debbie

U.S. Congressman Trent Franks

AZ State Treasurer Doug Ducey

AZ Corporation Commission Chairman Bob Stump

AZ Corporation Commissioner Brenda Burns

AZ Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce

AZ Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter-Smith

AZ Senate President Andy Biggs

AZ Speaker of the House Andy Tobin

Maricopa County Supervisor Clint Hickman

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Maricopa County Superintendent of Instruction Don Covey

Central AZ Project Board Member Gayle Burns

Sun City HOA President Jim Stark

Sun City HOA Director Greg Eisert

El Mirage City Councilman Jim McPhetres

LD21 Republican Chairman Kevin Payne

Arrowhead Republican Women President Bonnie Hochberg

2014 Individual Endorsements (in no particular order):

Paula Bouthillier, Peoria Resident

Bess Ammerman, Sun City Resident

Christopher Herring, Surprise Resident

Brent Simon, El Mirage Resident

Delores Lorenz, Youngtown Resident

Lou and Jane Hobaica, Peoria Residents and Business Owners

Susan Cuevas, Sun City Resident

Randy Miller, Peoria Resident

Bob & Helen Tomich, Sun City Residents

Lisa Schmitt, Peoria Resident and Peoria School Parent

Bob and Joan Hawkes, Sun City Residents

Donna Lorenz, Youngtown Resident

Barry and Penina Spinka, Sun City Residents

Pat Petrini, Surprise Resident

Tom Scott, Sun City Resident

Dave and Julie Ann Holmes, Peoria Residents

Sally Davis, Sun City Resident

Jean McGrath, Sun City Resident and Former Legislator

Martina Koch, Peoria Resident

Ted Farmer, Sun City Resident and NW Valley Tea Party Patriots Chairman

Paul Wise, Peoria Resident and Realtor

Veronica McPhetres, El Mirage Resident

Chris Parot, Optometrist and Peoria Homeowner

Mimi Levinson, Sun City Resident

Ida Eisert, Sun City Resident

Steve Sears, Peoria Resident

John and Wanda Edmonson, Sun City Residents

Kathy Payne, Peoria Resident

Chris May, Sun City Resident

Roger & Lil Scharenbroich, Sun City Residents

Emily Sabo, Surprise Resident

Carmel Scharenbroich, Sun City Resident

Michael and MaryAnne Hillis, Peoria Residents

Noel Kasper, Sun City Resident

Keith and Melissa Miller, Peoria Residents

Lisa Gray, Sun City Resident

Chris Tisch, Peoria Resident

Laurie Cason, Peoria Resident

Connie Macior, Sun City Resident

Steve Bilovesky, Former School Superintendent

Peter and Phyllis Lee, Sun City Residents

Joan Wolf, Sun City Resident

Peter Birmingham, Sun City Resident

Beverly Gately, Sun City Resident

Mary Boyd, Peoria Resident and Peoria School Parent

Harold and Pamela Herriman, Peoria Residents

Craig Ashcroft, Peoria Resident

Paul & Kathy Senseman, Peoria Residents

Charles and Geraldine Houk, Sun City Residents

Tom Scott, Sun City Resident

Teresa Wright, Peoria Resident

Al Morton, Sun City Resident and Veteran

Dave Eberhardt, Peoria Resident and Former Legislator


2012 Elected Official endorsements:

U.S. Congressman Trent Franks

Governor Jan Brewer

AZ Corporation Commission Chairman Gary Pierce

AZ Corporation Commissioner Bob Stump

AZ Corporation Commissioner Brenda Burns

Speaker of the House Andy Tobin

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery

Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools Don Covey

Central AZ Water District Board Member Jean McGrath
Central AZ Water District Board Member Gayle Burns
Central AZ Water District Board Member Pam Pickard

Sun City HOA President Pete Granucci

Sun City HOA Director Jim King


Arizona Fraternal Order of Police 

Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Arizona Association of Realtors

NFIB (Arizona’s premier association of small business owners)

Arizona Latino Republican Association

Homebuilders Association of Central Arizona

Arizona Police Association (represents 10,000 law enforcement)

Arizona Citizens Defense League (A+ rating)

Arizona Right to Life

Arizona State Contractors Coalition (represents over 20,000 employees of small businesses from across the state)

Great Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

Arizona Construction Association

Arizona Farm Bureau

Arizona Multihousing Association

2012 INDIVIDUAL ENDORSEMENTS ( in no particular order):

Maria Powell, Special Education Teacher, Peoria resident

Larry Pickard, Small Business Owner & Peoria Resident

Don Rinehart, President Glendale Chamber of Commerce

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Pasterz, Physician and Peoria School District Residents

Mary Boyd, Bookkeeper, Oakwood Elementary PTSA treasurer, Peoria resident

Marion McKellips, Pastor, Sun City Church of the Nazarene

Janene Duey-Warner, Retired Nurse, Sun City resident

Marv Worthen, Sun City

Ray Johnson, Small Business Owner

Judy Brown, retired teacher, Sun City resident

Al Morton, US Navy Retired, Operation American Patriot volunteer, Sun City resident

Jason & Suzanne Neese, Firefighter & Nurse

Karin Cullman, Sun City Realtor & Resident

Harry Shapiro, Vice President Glendale Chamber of Commerce

Ron & Anne Ruch, Small Business Owners & Peoria School District Parents

Christie Bumgardner, Retired Teacher, Sun City

Steve Bilovesky, Peoria Resident and Former School Superintendent

John & Cathy Clair, Peoria School District Residents

George Davis, Sun City Resident

Marcia Ansley, Sun City Realtor & Resident

Martina Koch, Peoria Resident

Gordon and Kathy Entringer, Paralegal, Peoria School District residents

Alicia Decker, Peoria School District Parent

Debbie Robarge, Teacher & Peoria Resident

Ruth Pembleton, Retired Teacher, Sun City

Teresa Wright, Peoria School District Parent and Peoria Resident

Paula Hitzeman, Sun City Resident

Robert Burns, Peoria Resident

Delores Lorenz, Youngtown Resident

Dale & Faye Latham, Sun City Residents

Del & Carole Ellis, Financial Advisors & Peoria Residents

Dorthea Crooks, Sun City Resident

Mary Bonds, Glendale Resident

Ron Schmidt, Peoria Resident

Gloria Gray, Peoria Resident

Shirley Wilbur, Peoria Resident

TC and Wanda Bundy, Glendale residents

Jason Dragon, Peoria Resident

Priscilla Ann Gibson, Sun City Resident

Tom and Rita Hick, Sun City Residents

Edwina McGee-Knapp, Peoria Resident

Bess Ammerman, Sun City Resident

Garcia Willard, Peoria Resident

Ray and Betty Mills, Veterans and Peoria residents

Thomas Sadler, Peoria Resident

Dan Weed, Senior Engineer, Peoria School District Grandparent

Sandy Weed, Wellness Consultant, Peoria School District Grandparent

Rick White, Senior Estimator/Project Manager, Peoria Resident

Kevin Payne, Information Technology Manager, Peoria Resident and Veteran

Richard and Carol Farris,  Sun City Residents

Harold and Inez Richards,  Sun City Residents, Retired Military, and members of several community service organizations

Kevin and Lisa Schmitt, Peoria Residents and School parents

Reverend K.C. Fricke, Sun City Resident

Robert and Helen Tomich, Sun City Residents

Barry and Penina Spinka, Lakeview Precinct Committeemen and Sun City Residents

Gary and Bev Bair, Surprise Residents

Bill and Lynn Wilson, Sun City Residents

Gregory Smith,  Youngtown Resident

Sally Davis, Retired Correctional Officer, Sun City Resident

Laurie Cason, Peoria Resident

Kelly Karrick, Glendale Resident and Peoria School District Parent

Gayle Salter, Surprise Resident and Republican Women Member

Kim, Kelly, & Anna Ludlum, Glendale Residents

Mary Anne Hills, Job Processing Coordinator, Peoria Resident

Jan Hermsmeyer, Surprise Resident

Margie Roberts, Glendale Resident

Chuck Reasoner, Sun City Resident & Children’s Book Author and Illustrator

Dave Melrose, Sun City Resident

Al & Roxanna England, Sun City Residents and Veteran

Roger and Lil Scharenbroich, Sun City residents

Noel Kasper, Sun City resident

Glenda Stanton, Retired DPS, Peoria resident

Ray Malnar, Small Business Owner and Peoria School District resident

Larry Parson, retired ADOT, Glendale resident

Anne Wojcik, VP Advertising, Peoria resident

Tom Scott,  Sun City resident

Tim Lorenz, Medical Sales Professional, Peoria resident

Bob Lauck, Sun City resident

Ryan Caracciolo, Peoria resident

Stephen Ring, Manager, Peoria resident

Bob and Joan Hawkes, Sun City residents

Marie Lyon, Sun City resident

Diana Duran, Volunteer Office Manager, Sun City resident

Martin Shuck, Sun City resident

Jan Baldon, Office Assistant, Secretary to Waking Up America, Sun City resident

Dr. John (Mitch) King, Minister and Missionary, Sun City resident

Robert and Nancy Deutsch, Realtors, Sun City residents

Melinda Hillis, Support Technician II, Peoria resident

Fred Wahler, Sun City resident

Sue Smith, Peoria resident

Don Bottomley, Sun City resident

Lona Maywald, Youngtown resident

Patsy Denny, Peoria Ventana Lakes resident











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